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CBEP-CU7G   Patch Cable, 7Ft Green CAT5E Snagless
CB6P-CU7G   Patch Cable, 7Ft Green CAT6 Snagless
CBEP-CU7GY   Patch Cable, 7Ft Grey CAT5E Snagless
CBEP-CU7R   Patch Cable, 7Ft Red CAT5E Snagless
CBEP-CU7W   Patch Cable, 7Ft White CAT5E Snagless
CBEP-CU7Y   Patch Cable, 7Ft Yellow CAT5E Snagless
BKT-USB   PC Card Slot Bracket with Dual USB Connectors
BKT-B   PC Card Slot Bracket, Blank No Cutouts
BKT-D915   PC Card Slot Bracket, One DB09 and One DB15 Cutout
BKT-D925   PC Card Slot Bracket, One DB09 and One DB25 Cutout
BKT-D9   PC Card Slot Bracket, One DB09 Cutout
BKT-D25   PC Card Slot Bracket, One DB25 Cutout
BKT-D37   PC Card Slot Bracket, One DB37 Cutout
BKT-D99   PC Card Slot Bracket, Two DB09 Cutouts
MCT-P1P-E   PCI 1-Port Parallel Adapter Card with SPP/ECP/EPP (bi-directional) Modes
MCT-P2P-E   PCI 2-Port High-Speed Parallel Adapter Card EPP/ECP
MCT-P2S-1   PCI 2-Port RS232 Serial Adapter Card
MCT-P4S-1   PCI 4-Port RS232 Serial Adapter Card with 16C550 UART
MCT-VGA-PCI   PCI Bus VGA Video Card with 4MB
PCIE-2S   PCI Express PCIe 2-Port RS232 Serial Adapter Card
PCIE-2S1P   PCI Express PCIe 2-Port RS232 Serial and 1-Port Parallel Adapter Card
PCIE-1P   PCI Express PCIe Parallel Port Adapter Card
MCT-P100BT-4   PCI Fast Ethernet Network Interface Card
68B21   PIA (EF68B21P/MC68B21CP) 2Mhz 40P
HOOD15   Plastic hood for 15-pin 2 row D-Sub Connector
EXT-PLCC   PLCC IC Extraction Tool
PN2222A   PN2222A NPN Switching Transistor TO-92 plastic package
PN2369A   PN2369A NPN Transistor TO-92 plastic package
PN2907A   PN2907A PNP Switching Transistor TO-92 plastic package
PN5139   PN5139 PNP Transistor TO-92 plastic package
PA32PL32D   Programmer Adapter PLCC32-to-DIP32
PA44-48U   Programmer Adapter PLCC44 to DIP48
PS-TEST228   PS-228 LCD Power Supply Tester
MOUSE-G5-PS2   PS/2 Optical Scroll Mouse, Black
75174   Quad Differential Line RS422 Driver 16 Pin
MD-SATA-ALUMB   Removable Drive Kit, SATA ,Aluminum with fan, black
MD-SATA-B   Removable Drive Kit, Sata 3.5" Black
NBIT   Replacement Bit for Nibbler Tool
R10   RESISTOR - 10 OHM 1/4W, 5%
R100   RESISTOR - 100 OHM 1/4W, 5%
R100K   RESISTOR - 100K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R10K   RESISTOR - 10K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R10M   RESISTOR - 10M OHM 1/4W, 5%
R120   RESISTOR - 120 OHM 1/4W, 5%
R12K   RESISTOR - 12K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R15K   RESISTOR - 15K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R15M   RESISTOR - 15M OHM 1/4W, 5%
R18K   RESISTOR - 18K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R1.0K   RESISTOR - 1K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R1.0M   RESISTOR - 1M OHM 1/4W, 5%
R2.0K   RESISTOR - 2.0K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R2.0M   RESISTOR - 2.0M OHM 1/4W, 5%
R2.2K   RESISTOR - 2.2K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R2.7K   RESISTOR - 2.7K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R200   RESISTOR - 200 OHM 1/4W, 5%
R200K   RESISTOR - 200K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R220   RESISTOR - 220 OHM 1/4W, 5%
R22K   RESISTOR - 22K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R240   RESISTOR - 240 OHM 1/4W, 5%
R27   RESISTOR - 27 OHM 1/4W, 5%
R270   RESISTOR - 270 OHM 1/4W, 5%
R27K   RESISTOR - 27K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R3.3K   RESISTOR - 3.3K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R330   RESISTOR - 330 OHM 1/4W, 5%
R390   RESISTOR - 390 OHM 1/4W, 5%
R4.7K   RESISTOR - 4.7K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R470   RESISTOR - 470 OHM 1/4W, 5%
R470K   RESISTOR - 470K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R47K   RESISTOR - 47K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R680   RESISTOR - 680 OHM 1/4W, 5%
R8.2K   RESISTOR - 8.2K OHM 1/4W, 5%
R820   RESISTOR - 820 OHM 1/4W, 5%
RPS7-1.0K   Resistor network (L081C102) 7 X 1.0K ohm bussed 8 pin SIP
RPS7-10K   Resistor network (L081C103) 7 X 10K ohm bussed 8 pin SIP
RPS7-470   Resistor network (L081C471) 7 X 470 ohm bussed 8 pin SIP
RPS9-10K   Resistor network (L101C103) 9 X 10K ohm bussed 10 pin SIP
RPS9-330   Resistor network (L101C331) 9 X 330 ohm bussed 10 pin SIP
RPS9-470   Resistor network (L101C471) 9 X 470 ohm bussed 10 pin SIP
RPS9-4.7K   Resistor network (L101C472) 9 X 4.7K ohm bussed 10 pin SIP
RPD13-220   Resistor network 13 X 220 ohm bussed 14 pin DIP
CT-RJ11.12.45R   RJ-11/RJ-12/RJ-45 Modular Plug Crimping Tool
PH-8P8CL-100   RJ45 8P8C Network Modular Plug for Solid Cable 100 pcs
PH-8P8C-100   RJ45 8P8C Network Modular Plug for Stranded Cable 100 pcs
PH-2F-8   RJ45 F-F Coupler, Reverse Wiring, Ivory
SER9-9MF-100   RS-232 Serial Cable, DB09S/DB09P, 100 Foot
SER9-9MF-12   RS-232 Serial Cable, DB09S/DB09P, 15 Foot
CBL-DB09MF-15   RS-232 Serial Cable, DB09S/DB09P, 15 Foot,
SER9-9MF-25   RS-232 Serial Cable, DB09S/DB09P, 25 Foot
SER9-9MF-50   RS-232 Serial Cable, DB09S/DB09P, 50 Foot
CBL-H15C-MM15   S-VGA Cable 15ft with Ferrite Core Molded, Black Color HD 15 Male/HD 15 Male
CBL-H15C-50   S-VGA Cable 50ft Molded, Black Color HD 15 Male/HD 15 Female
CBL-H15C-MF   S-VGA Cable 6ft , Molded, Black Color HD 15 Male/HD 15 Female
CBL-H15C-MM   S-VGA Cable 6ft with Ferrite Core Molded, Black Color HD 15 Male/HD 15 Male
CBL-H15C-15   S-VGA Cable, 15ft Molded, Black Color HD 15 Male/HD 15 Female
CBL-H15C-25   S-VGA Cable, 25ft with Ferrite Core Molded, Black Color HD 15 Male/HD 15 Female
VIDEO-PCIE-512M   Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 5450 512MB GDDR3 VGA/DVI/HDMI PCI-Express Video Card
CBL-SATA-18   SATA Data Cable 2 x 7 pin Female 18"
CBL-SATA-ML-18   SATA Data Cable 2 x 7 pin Female with Latch 18"
MD-SATA-ABT   SATA Mobile Rack Tray for MD-SATA-ALUMB, Aluminum Black
CBL-SATA-PWR   SATA Power Adaptor Cable 4 pin drive to 15 pin 6"
BKT-ESATA   SATA to eSATA Cable with Bracket
C106M   SCR, 600PIV 4A (C106M1/C106D)
CBL-SCSI3-MM3   SCSI 3 Cable 3Ft (HDB68P-HDB68P) Thumbscrew
CBL-SCSI3-MM   SCSI 3 Cable 6Ft (HDB68P-HD68P)
SA-103   SCSI Adaptor, HPDB50F / IDC50M with L type Bracket
SLP-2RL   Seiko SmartLabel SLP-2RL Address Label
JU-MR0C12-S1   SIIG USB 2.0 Multi Card Reader
JU-HS4011-S2   SIIG USB to 4-Port Serial Adpater
SM-220   SILVER MICA CAP 220PF 300V .3LS
SM-100   Silver Mica Capacitor 100PF 500V (300V) .3 inch spacing
SM-10   Silver Mica Capacitor 10PF 300V/500V .3 inch spacing
SM-120   Silver Mica Capacitor 120PF 300V/500V .3 inch spacing
SM-12   Silver Mica Capacitor 12PF 300V .3 inch spacing
SM-130   Silver Mica Capacitor 130PF 300V .3 inch spacing
SM-180   Silver Mica Capacitor 180PF 300V/500V .3 inch spacing
SM-22   Silver Mica Capacitor 22PF 300V .3 inch spacing
SM-330   Silver Mica Capacitor 330PF 300/500V .3 inch spacing
SM-39   Silver Mica Capacitor 39PF 300V .3 inch spacing
SM-470   Silver Mica Capacitor 470PF 300 .3 inch spacing
SM-560   Silver Mica Capacitor 560PF 300V .3 inch spacing
SM-56   Silver Mica Capacitor 56PF 300/500V .3 inch spacing
SM-68   Silver Mica Capacitor 68PF 300V .3 inch spacing
SM-82   Silver Mica Capacitor 82PF 300V .3 inch spacing
PH-4CBL-1K   Silver Stain Modular Flat Bulk Cable, 4 Conductors
8MX32EDO-60   Simm,32MB,60NS,EDO,8MX32,72-Pin,Non-Parity
16MX32EDO-60   Simm,64MB,60NS,EDO,16MX32,72-Pin,Non-Parity
SER-LAN   Single Port RS232 Serial Ethernet LAN Converter
CPU-GREASE   Small Tube of Heat Sink Compond / Thermal Grease for CPU
IDWRAP14   Socket Wrap ID 14 Pin Tags for Wire-Wrap IC Sockets (Package of 10 pcs)
IDWRAP16   Socket Wrap ID 16 Pin Tags for Wire-Wrap IC Sockets (Package of 10 pcs) OK Jonard
IDWRAP18   Socket Wrap ID 18 Pin Tags for Wire-Wrap IC Sockets (Package of 5 pcs)
IDWRAP20   Socket Wrap ID 20 Pin Tags for Wire-Wrap IC Sockets (Package of 5 pcs)
IDWRAP24   Socket Wrap ID 24 Pin Tags for Wire-Wrap IC Sockets (Package of 5 pcs)
IDWRAP28   Socket Wrap ID 28 Pin Tags for Wire-Wrap IC Sockets (Package of 5 pcs)
IDWRAP40   Socket Wrap ID 40 Pin Tags for Wire-Wrap IC Sockets (Package of 5 pcs)
IDWRAP08   Socket Wrap ID 8 Pin Tags for Wire-Wrap IC Sockets (Package of 10 pcs)
PDS-300   Solderless Breadboard with 4 Binding Posts
RMS1000-24   SWITCH, 24PT 10/100+2PT GIG COP/FBR UPG
RS9-2   Switch, DB09 2 Way Rotary
T.22-35   Tantalum Radial Capacitor .22uf 35V .1" LS
T.33-35   Tantalum Radial Capacitor .33uf 35V/50V .1" LS
T.47-35   Tantalum Radial Capacitor .47uf 35V .1" LS
T10-25   Tantalum Radial Capacitor 10uf 25V .1" LS
T10-35   Tantalum Radial Capacitor 10uf 35V .1" LS
T22-16   Tantalum Radial Capacitor 22uf 16v .1" LS
T3.3-35   Tantalum Radial Capacitor 3.3uf 35V .1" LS
T33-25   Tantalum Radial Capacitor 33uf 25v 0.2" LS
T4.7-16   Tantalum Radial Capacitor 4.7uf 16V/25V .1" LS
T4.7-35   Tantalum Radial Capacitor 4.7uf 35V .1" LS
T47-35   Tantalum Radial Capacitor 47uf 35v .2" LS
T.1-35   Tantalum Radial Capacitor(104L) .1uf 35V .1" LS
T1.0-35   Tantalum Radial Capacitor(105L), 1.0uf 35V .1" LS
IM-61611   TDK Life on Record 8x DVD+R Double Layer Media
TIP120   TIP120 NPN Transistor 60V 8A TO-220 package
TIP122   TIP122 NPN Transistor 100V 5A TO-220 package
TL082   TL082 Wide Bandwidth Dual JFET Input Operational Amplifier 8 pin DIP
TMP82C55AP-10   TMP82C55AP-10 PPI 10MHz CMOS 40 pin DIP package
HS576802B   TO-220 Heatsink Clip-on style
DT01ACA100   Toshiba 1TB SATA3/6 7200RPM 3.5 inch Hard Drive
DT01ACA050   Toshiba 500GB SATA3/6 7200RPM 3.5 inch Hard Drive
TL-WN822N   TP-LINK TL-WN822N Wireless N300 High Gain USB Adapter, 300Mbps with Dual 3dBi External Antennas
TS4GJF530   Transcend JetFlash 530 4 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive
TR09-DC2.5   Transformer, 9VDC 500MA 2.5mm
TEG-S50G   TRENDnet 5-Port Gigabit GREENnet Switch
TEG-S16G   TRENDnet TEG-S16g Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
TEW-731BR   TRENDnet TEW-731BR Wireless Router - IEEE 802.11n
74F245   Tri-State Octal Bus Bidirectional Transceiver 20Pin
91AR100K   TRIMPOT 100K OHM 1/2W (3352T-1-104)
89PR10K   Trimpot 10K Ohm 3/4W (3006P-1-103)
89PR20K   Trimpot 20K Ohm 3/4W (3006P-1-203)
91AR20K   Trimpot, 20K OHM 1/2W (3352T-1-203)
P314-006   Tripp Lite 6-ft. Audio Y Splitter Cable
ECO650LCD   Tripp Lite ECO650LCD 650 VA Desktop UPS
ISOBAR12U-20   Tripp Lite IBAR12/20ULTRA
ISOBAR6U   Tripp Lite Isobar 6 Outlets 120V Surge Suppressor
HT10DBS   Tripp Lite Isobar Home/Business Theater Surge Suppressor
ISOBAR4   Tripp Lite Isobar ISOBAR4 4 Outlet 120V Surge Suppressor
ISOBAR8U   Tripp Lite Isobar ISOBAR8ULTRA 8 Outlets Surge Suppressor
OMNISMART1050   Tripp Lite OmniSmart 1050 UPS
OMNI1500LCD   Tripp Lite OmniSmart OMNI1500LCD 1500VA Tower/Rack Mountable UPS
OMNI900LCD   Tripp Lite OmniSmart OMNI900LCD 900 VA Tower UPS
SUPER6OMNID   Tripp Lite Protect It! SUPER6OMNI D 6-Outlet 220V Surge Suppressor
SUPER7   Tripp Lite Protect It! SUPER7 7-Outlets Surge Suppressor
TLP1208TELTV   Tripp Lite Protect It! TLP1208TELTV 12-Outlets Surge Suppressor
TLP808   Tripp Lite Protect It! TLP808 8-Outlets Surge Suppressor
SMART1000LCD   Tripp Lite SmartPro 1000 VA Tower Digital UPS
SMART1500RM2U   Tripp Lite SmartPro 1500RM2U UPS
SMART500RT1U   Tripp Lite SmartPro 500VA Rack/Tower UPS
SU1500RTXL2UA   Tripp Lite SmartPro SU1500RTXL2UA UPS
CBL-DB25MF-E   Type A / Type A DB25 Male / Female Cable, 6 Ft - Beige
USR-5637   U.S. Robotics 5637 56K USB Hardware Fax Modem
ULN2803A   ULN2803 Darlington Transistor Array 18 pin DIP package
MOD-UP-CMII   Universal Device Programmer 48 pin ZIF Socket

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